Snuggle and Care Quilts

for the 'Handmade with Love' Project



Beginner sewers and quilters from all over Australia, you are invited to join the 'Handmade with Love' Project to make Snuggle and Care Quilts for the sick children at the Children's Hospital. 


If we pool our skills and resources together we will be able to make beautiful handmade Quilts which can be used to comfort these special little patients in their time of need. 


A Quilt may offer a homely touch to what would otherwise be a unfamiliar and terrifying environment to be in.


A child snuggling under their 'own' Quilt during their hospital stay may just be one of the little thing which sets them on the road to recovery.


Why the 'Handmade with Love' Project is close to my heart?

The 'Handmade with Love' Project is close to my heart, as I lived 5 years on and off in the Children's Hospital with my two youngest boys when they were babies and pre-schoolers.

Living a dysfunctional life with two sick children and two young children at home to also care for has the potential to depress and stress parents, terrify the unwell child and the upset the siblings at home.

One day I received a Quilt when I was at my lowest point! Made by an unknown person. I still remember the gratitude and joy I felt as it was handed to me. I couldn't believe that a complete stranger could sacrifice their time and make something so amazing and just give it away. 

My son had spent months in a hospital cot under those generic hospital sheets. To be able to spread a colourful Quilt over the top of him, had an instant therapeutic effect. It felt like home with him snuggled peacefully under his Quilt. 

In the daytime the colours and fabric designs in the Quilt oosed happiness and for many hours we would gaze at the Quilt while I made up stories about the prints in the Quilt. That Quilt became a great distraction for us and comfort. 

If you can sew, you can contribute to the 'Handmade with Love' Project. Your donation of time and resources to make a beautiful Quilt will be greatly appricated and valued. 
Please do not let your lack of confidence in your own sewing ability be the thing that stops you from donating to this Project. Maybe it is time for YOU to step out of your comfort zone for the sake of others. Your donations will not be 'judged' in any way. 

I am deeply passionate about this Project, I will jump up and down until I start seeing some Soft Toys and Quilts donated. This is the 'voice' of a mother who has been there, lived through it and is forever grateful to that 'unknown' person who made a beutiful Quilt for my son. To that unknown person, know that you changed some lives that day and I say '"thank you".


Which Children's Hospital will the Soft Toys and 'Snuggle and Care Quilts' be donated to?


I can see that there is a need everywhere throughout Australia for the 'Handmade with Love' Project. The Project is only a few months old and is still in it's infancy stage. I need to take 'baby steps' with the Project and have a good working model established first here in Sydney, before I take this amazing Project nationally. Which is what I will be aiming for down the track.


So presently the Project is aiming to make and donate Soft Toys and Quilts to the Sydney Children's Hospital.

Once established 'well',  I am going to expand the 'Handmade with Love' Project nationally with donations to all five Children's Hospitals throughout Australia.

I have individuals all over Australia contributing. The future plan is to have no Children's Hospital in Australia  miss out. I just need to get a good model established here in Sydney before I expand. I am sure you understand. It would be great to have you on board regardless of where you live, the basic need for donations is the same everywhere. You can still change a child's life long distance.


Snuggle and Care Quilt Guidelines

The project is only accepting Soft Toys and Quilts made under certain guideline due to established Hospital health and safety regulations.


All items made and donated are to be seen by me here in Sydney before they go onto the Children's Hospital. 


If you intend to make Snuggle and Care Quilts for the 'Handmade with Love' Project you will be expected to read and follow the following Guidelines, please read them carefully.

All materials used to make the Quilts must be clean. Recycled Fabrics are not to be used.


Only 100% Cotton Quilting Fabric is to be used in the Quilts.


The fabric designs chosen to go in the Quilts, must be age appropriate and fitting for children.





The wadding used inside the Quilt must be child-friendly and safe.


If you choose to use 'dark colours' which may have the potential to 'run', please pre-wash the fabric before you use it in the Quilt.


Snuggle and Care Quilts Sizes and Types of Quilts Required

The Children's Hospital looks after babies, children and teenagers of all ages. It would be great for them to recieve Quilts which cater for all the children's ages and needs. At the end of the day feel free to make the size which you feel most comforable with. The Hospital will need Quilts for Premature Babies, Newborn Babies, Babies 6 months- 12 months, Toddlers, Pre-School Aged Children, Chilren 6 years- 12 years old and for Teens 13 years and up. 


On the 'Handmade with Love' Projects Facebook Page I will create an Photo Album each month, so you can see exactly the sizes of the Quilts being donated. What I am going to need is a variety of sizes, so the album will be a great way for you to see what I have enough of and what I need more of when it comes to sizes.


I will also need you to think about who you are making the Quilt for.For example  Baby Boy's, Baby Girl's and Unisex Quilts will be required. It would be safe to say if some of the Quilts made could be boy and girl friendly they will cover a wider audience. My fear for example is getting an influx of girl-friendly Quilts with nothing for the boys, or vise versa.

What types of Quilts do I make?

Experienced Quilters feel free to go ahead and make your Quilt in the size and quilt block design you like. Your Quilts do not have to be fancy, simple squares sewn togther and maybe with a few appliques hearts or stars to add a bit if variety would be great. I Spy Quilts with lots of fun designs are also good as it will keep young children facinated for hours and they enjoy looking at all the different fabric squares in their Quilt.


If you are a beginner quilter the simple Quilt Tutorials on this Website are here for people who are new to Quilting and need direction, and would like to learn how to make Quilts. Click the link below to find Simple Quilt Patterns to get you started.


Your Quilts can be so simple that they can be 'charming'!

'Charm Packs' are great to use for your 'Snuggle and Care' Quilts as they are made up of a varety coloured fabrics and designs with pre-cut 5 inch squares in them. This means no cutting required and they are inexpensive, costing roughlly $16 for 42 squares.


The Quilt pictured opposite is simple to make. It was made using Charm Squares and it is big enough for a Cot Quilt once a border was attached around the outside.


Snuggle and Care Quilt Examples

The following side-show of Quilts is there as a guide only. It shows examples of the various sizes of Quilts I am going to need for the 'Handmade with Love' Project. Feel free to follow the examples or do your own thing. 



These Quilt examples featured in the Slide Show have been taken from my handmade bussiness Giggle Spot Designs and some of the Quilts were made for the Sew Handmade Website. Finished size measurements for the Quilts are only given for some Quilts. 

Newborn Sized Quilt
Newborn Sized Quilt

Each square a 5 inch square cut, with blanket stitched appliqued flowers. Size: 48 cm X 59 cm

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Baby's Snuggle Quilt
Baby's Snuggle Quilt

Each square is 5 inch cut, with blanket stitched appliqued hearts and border. Size: 60 cm X 60 cm

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Large Shabby Chic Throw Quilt
Large Shabby Chic Throw Quilt

Each square is 5 inches cut, with border.

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Newborn Sized Quilt
Newborn Sized Quilt

Each square a 5 inch square cut, with blanket stitched appliqued flowers. Size: 48 cm X 59 cm

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Please send the beautiful Snuggle and Care Quilts you make for the 'Handmade with Love' Project to the following address:


Julianne Ehlert-Connor

PO Box 2132

Boronia Park NSW 2111


Thank You

Together we are going to change lives one stitch at a time!

Sew Handmade

for the love of handmade