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Please read through the following Guidelines before you begin.

The Guidelines for making and donating handmade Soft Toys to the Children's Hospital have been developed in consideration of the strict infection control policies and child-safety regulations.


The Soft Toys created and donated can not be accepted if they fall outside these guideline.

The Soft Toys created and donated must be made from the free Patterns available on this Sew Handmade Website.


These Patterns are copyright(2018/2019) protected which means they can only be made for The Handmade with Love Project. No other Charity is to use these Patterns here in Australia or Overseas. 

All materials used to make each toy must be clean and good quality. 100% Cotton Fabric like Quilting quality fabric if perfect. Flannel Fabric and Minkiee Fabric are also acceptable. Recycled materials and fabrics are unacceptable.

Before you make the Soft Toy please 'line' the toy with an extra layer of fabric. Quilters Muslin or some white/cream colour 100% cotton fabric. Lining the toy will make for a stronger longer lasting Softie. It also provides a neater finish on the toy as sewn seams will not be seen through the outside of the finished toy.

The Stuffing used inside the soft toy must be safe and child-friendly, a good quality polyester fill.

The Features you make to put on the outside of the Soft Toy, are to be make using felt fabric or woollen-felt fabric.  Quilting Fabric can be used however, it must be backed with woollen-felt to make it sturdy. The features are not to be 'glued on' at all, as they will peel off in time and could become a choking hazard with children. The features must be stitched on the Soft Toy securely. Under no circumstances are Buttons to be used on the Toys.

The Handmade with Love Project offers people who love to sew an opportunity to channel their creative skills into making Soft Toys and Patchwork Quilts for the sick kid's at Randwick Children's Hospital.


Speaking from experience The Children's Hospital has been a big part of my own family's life so far and still continues to be.


A small gift given to a sick child in Hospital when they are distress, scared, depressed and overwhelmed could be the one thing to distract them, and bring a smile to a child's face amongst the tears and the fear, and offer an opportunity for happiness to emerge during a difficult time.

The Children's Hospital cares for children of all ages, from babies to teenagers. Many children are far from home and maybe in Hospital for long periods of time. 

The Handmade with Love Project has been operating over 4 years now. My Sewing Angels sew in their homes and can be found all over Australia. I also run Sewing Days twice a month in two Sewing Stores based here in Sydney. Feel free to grad your sewing machine and come along and sew together with me and a lovely group of women. 

The Soft Toys and Patchwork Quilts made go to different areas of the Hospital such as Allied Health, the Rehabilitation Clinics & Programs, The Emergency Department, ICU and General Admissions to help lower the anxieties that children may feel when they come into Hospital.

My background as a Handmade Designer has allowed me the opportunity to design Soft Toy Patterns which are functional and above all safe to use in the Hospital setting. Feel free to use the Soft Toy Patterns on this Website, to create and donate to the Hospital.


If you would like to make Quilts for The Handmade with Love Project, I am happy to receive Quilts made in all sizes. 

All the Soft Toy Patterns on the Sew Handmade Website can be 'made and donate' to

The Handmade with Love Project.

The Scottie Dog Pattern is super easy and a great place to start. 

Click on the button below and it will take you to the free tuturial on how to make the Scottie Dog and the link to the free pattern for you to download now.

Improtant Information that  YOU need to read so that you are clear about how The Handmade with Love Projects rolls.

At this stage The Handmade with Love Project is established here in Sydney, and we make and donate to Randwick Children's Hospital. I do hope that The Project will expand to include other Children's Hospitals all of over Australia in time! 

Secondly I know that many of you are excited about taking the ideas and concept related to The Handmade with Love Project into your local Hospitals. Please know that the ideas and concepts related to The Handmade with Love Project and the Brave Hearts can in no way be used for other Hospitals. I am working within strict legal, health and safety guidelines established with the Children's Hospital. Legal action will be taken if ideas or items from the Sew Handmade Website and The Handmade with Love Project are found to be mass produced and donated to other Hospitals, in Australia and Overseas.

In time this Project will include other Hospitals under my direction or appointed person by me. Please understand if someone takes it into their own hands to copy the ideas in the Project and go ahead and start donating to random Hospitals and something seriously goes wrong with a child in relation to a donation for example a soft toy that I haven't authorised as being safe, it will gravely effect the running of the Project. Your actions could run the risk of shutting The Handmade with Love Project down and legal action could be taken against ME! Please, please, please do not do this! I am very serious about this point.

Thirdly, on the Sew Handmade Website are free Patterns and Tutorials for you to enjoy for personal use only. Under no circumstance are the patterns to the mass produced for other Hospitals or sold for your personal gain. Permission is only granted for all the Soft Toys to be mass produced for The Handmade with Love Project only. All donated items are to be sent to ME and I will send them onto the Sydney Children's Hospital. Please do not donate items to other Hospitals.

I need to keep such a close eye on how things run, to protect the Project so that it is given a opportunity to grow correctly and have a positive impact on little people's treatment and recovery.

With these Guidelines and information in mind, Welcome to The Handmade with Love Project. 

All Soft Toys and Quilts made are to be sent to me.

You can post items to the following address:

Julianne Ehlert-Connor

The Handmade with Love Project

PO Box 532

Gladesville NSW 2111


OR Feel free to drop off items made to either Hobby Sew Top Ryde or Bernina Chatswood Sewing Centre if you are in Sydney.


I run Sewing Days for The Handmade with Love Project out of these two venues once a month. If you would like to join me to sew for The Project just contact these Stores for dates. You will need to know how to work a sewing machine and bring along your sewing machine and general sewing supplies. I will provide all the materials you will need to sew on the day.

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