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Hi! Nice to meet YOU! My name is Julianne and welcome to the wonderful world of 'Handmade'. I live in Sydney with my amazing husband and four children Lucinda, 15 years (going on 21!), Lachlan 13 years, Finn 9 years and little Luke 6 years old. I live and breathe for my family. Dad travels often I therefore am the 'stability' in the family.


Believe it or not 16 years ago I couldn't sew a thing! I didn’t pick up a sewing needle until I was pregnant with my first child Lucinda. I did a few basic Quilt Classes at first but much of what I have learnt has been self-taught. When the kids were little I would make Quilts and design Dolls and Softies for them to enjoy.


There seemed to be a lot of interested from friends in my creations so I began to share my passion with a wider audience. I began doing local markets in Sydney under the name 'Giggle Spot Designs' now I have a successful online presence, attend the Canberra Handmade Market quaterly, sell my products through Shop Handmade in Canberra and my Giggle Spot Designs Online Stores, write Patterns for Homespun Magazine (Australia) have a 'huge' following on Facebook, so much that I have adopted some of my frequent customers as 'family'!


As a Handmade Designer, I am passionate about creating things for people which will stand the test of time and be treasured a lifetime. My aim is to provide bright and colourful products which will inspire little imaginations and are above all be durable and safe for children to enjoy. Giggle Spot Designs' products are ideal for all the special occasions celebrated in a child's life. There are gift ideas for newborns, toddlers, older children even the young at heart. I love making Custom Designed products as the gift created should be as unique and special as the little one it is intended for.


Many of my creations are designed and created with a little inspiration from my own four children. My kids are my constant companions in my sewing life! We have a lot of fun with what I do and a lot of 'giggles' revolve around the things I create.


Making Quilts and Soft Toys can be a very rewarding experience. However a word of 'warning', you can NEVER have enough Fabric and it is 'addictive'! There are so many amazing Fabric Designers out there with beautiful Fabric Collections. The designs and colours in the fabrics seem to becon you into a 'world of creativity'.


I love the idea creating my Soft Toys and Quilts using Quilting Fabrics. The designs and colours in the fabrics often complement the characters I create. A single piece of beautiful fabric can inspire me instantly, in my head I see what it could be... "a lion" and then I am simply busting to get home to draw the design and start making it.


If you are new to Sewing this is a great place to start! I am passionate about sharing my handmade skills with YOU so much that all the Patterns and Tutorials in this site are FREE for you to enjoy! Please note some of my 'trade secrects' will be kept 'secret' while there is other content I am happy to share. The Soft Toy Patterns and Quilt Patterns offered to you are designed specifically for 'Sew Handmade'. 


Lastly, I just want you to be clear on 'Copyright'! The content and/or images from this website are to be used for a 'personal nature' only. Items created from the Free Patterns and Free Tutorials are not to be mass produced and sold for personal gain. If you are unclear about what this means feel free to contact me.


I hope that you have enjoyed getting to know me a little better. I look forward to walking beside you on your own creative journey. You just never know where it is going to take YOU! Happy creating!
















Retro Boy's On the Go Quilt
Mamma Babushka Doll
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Tired Turtle
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ellie leaving home
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Socklings Soft Toys

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