Snuggle and Care Quilts 

for the beautiful babies & children

at the Children's Hospital

This is a

'Handmade with Love' Project

I am inviting all beginner sewers and quilters to join the 'Handmade with Love' Project to make Snuggle and Care Quilts for the sick children at the Children's Hospital. 


If we pool our skills and resources together we will be able to make beautiful handmade quilts which can be used to comfort these special little patients in their time of need. 


A Quilt may offer a homely touch to what would otherwise be a unfamiliar and terrifying environment to be in. A child snuggling under there 'own' Quilt during their hospital stay may just be one of the little thing which sets them on the road to recovery.

The Quilt block design chosen for the Snuggle and Care Quilts is very simple it is called a Nine Patch. The tutorial on this page will show you how to make a block. At this stage all I need YOU to do is make Nine Patch blocks to the meaurements given in the tutorial below. The colours and fabric designs are completely up to you. 


I am currently preparing for my own hospital stay with surgery and time away from Giggle Spot Designs & Sew Handmade while I recover. So at this stage I do not want you to sew the blocks together and make Quilts. All I need you to do is make Nine Patch Blocks and lots of them. When I return I will tell you what we will do with them next e.g number of blocks required in realtion to the sizes of the Quilts we will be making for the hospital. 


I am happy if people just want to make the Nine Patch Blocks and not the Quilts. The finished blocks can be sent to me and I can send them on to people who are happy to sew them together and make Quilts. If I get bombarded with Quilt blocks I will look at having a day where I hire a venue, and we all meet up and get together and sew Snuggle and Care Quilts together. Sounds like fun to me!


If you are interested in making multiple blocks for an entire Quilt it would be great if the colours and fabrics selected for the blocks coordinated in some way. Just so that they sit nicely when they are sewn together.


I would love it if YOU could contribute to this 'Handmade with Love' Project and I welcome your feedback.



The Snuggle and Care Quilts can also be 'charming'! 

It was suggested to make it easier for some people to use 5 inch square 'charm packs' fabrics for the Quilts. I am happy if you want to go ahead and make your Nine Patch Blocks with the charm pack squares.

I had a play with the fabrics in one charm pack. I felt too limited with the colours and designs so I had to add fabrics from other packs. In each block you make you need a variety of colours, plus light and dark contrasts for the block to work. Please keep this in mind when you make your blocks, as you may need a few charm packs to get a good result. 

If I have some sewers out there who are happy to go ahead and cut the 4 1/2 inch squares for the Nine patch Blocks, please go ahead I still want this size too. 

If you are busting to make your Quilts NOW and you know what you are doing please go ahead. The Hospital will need newborn quilts, baby quilts, quilts for toddlers, young children and older children in their teens. Keep this in mind when you design your Quilts. All Quilts Blocks and Quilts can be posted to:

Julianne Ehlert-Connor
PO Box 2132
Boronia Park NSW 2110 


A BIG THANK YOU from me for all your love and support with the 'Handmade with Love' Projects.

The following tutorial will show you how to make one

Nine Patch Block.



Requirements to make

one Nine Patch Block

The following fabric requirements are given in relation to the colour of the squares pictured in image 1.  


Fabric A: (red) four, 4 and a half inch squares

Fabric B: (blue) four, 4 and a half inch squares

Fabric C: (green) one, 4 and a half inch square


1. Set out the squares ready to be sewn as shown in image 1. You will be sewing each row in left to right order. Each row of squares will be sewn one at a time. Sewing from the top row down to the last row. When all rows have been made they will all be sewn together. Use a 1/4 inch seam allowance on your sewing machine and a cotton thread which blends in well with the colours of the fabrics being sewn. 

2a & 2b. The top row of squares on the block will be the first row to be sewn together. Take the first two squares and lay them right-sides together on top of each other. Pin and sew the right side of the squares together using a 1/4 inch seam allowance on the sewing machine.




3. Open out the two squares just sewn together. Place the third square in the row, right side down on top of the last square sewn. Pin the right side of the squares together and sew on the machine.

4. With your first row sewn together, put it aside and sew the remaining two rows in exactly the same way.


6. With the first row pressed and facing up place the second row underneath.


5a. Take the first row made to the ironing board. See the seams sticking up, they will need to be pressed flat with the iron.


5b. The seams have been pressed to the left in this row as indicated by the arrow.






7a & 7b. Place the two rows on top of each other with right sides together. At the seams on the rows you will see one which has been pressed flat and the other seam above sticking up. The seam which is sticking up will need to be pressed flat with the iron in the opposite direction.


7b. The seams have been pressed in opposite directions.


8. Push the seams together feeling with your fingers until they sit neatly together. We call this 'butting' the seams together. Once in position secure with a pin as seen in image 8. 




9. Sew the two rows together removing the pins as you go.


10. Lay the block sewn so far face down on the ironing board. See the seam standing up in image 11, it will need to be pressed flat with the iron. Press the seam towards what will be the centre of the block. Press the seam downwards.




12. Now it is time to press the seams on the last row and pin them to the block ready to be sewn.


13. Place the third row on top of the block, see the seam sticking up. The seam underneath has been pressed to the right.


14. Press the seams on the last row to the left.



15. Pin and sew the last row to the block.


16. Press the seam sewn up towards the middle of the block.



A finished

Nine Patch Block

Sew Handmade

for the love of handmade