Simple Bassinet Quilt Pattern




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This is a beautiful Bassinet Quilt to make. It has simple applique hearts or stars on it. It is pieced together easily and you can choose to do Cross-Hatch Quilting or Ditch Stitch Quilting with a little quilting by hand on your Quilt.


The finished Quilt can be used in a nursery to decorate a chair or use it to put over the baby in to keep warm while they get a cuddled.


The Tutorial linked to this page will detail the pattern arrangement for your squares. You will need to choose which Quilt you want to make and refer to the 'Requirements List' in the Tutorial to establishing exactly what you are going to need.


As you make your Quilt use the photograph of each Quilt below as picture reference. 


Print out the Applique Pattern Sheet to get your applique shapes and follow the step by step, Simple Bassinet Quilt Tutorial to make your Quilt. Have fun!



Skill Level: You will need to know how to work a 'straight stitch' on a sewing machine and there is some hand-stitching involved. It is a good Quilt for a beginner as it teaches how to piece a quilt togther, simple applique techniques and basic quilting.

Finished Size: 64.5 cm X 76 cm

Pretty In Pink Bassinet Quilt

Little Boy Blue Bassinet Quilt

Sew Handmade

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