You will need a good pair of sharp Sewing Scissors. Keep these for cutting fabric and thread only, that way they will stay sharper longer.


There are so many different varieties out there and it can become very confusing. I use Pins with 'glass heads'. I find 'plastic head' pins can melt when they get close to the heat of the iron. It really is personal preference.


I use 100% Cotton Thread for my sewing machine and machine quilting. I like 'Gutermann' Natural Cotton, and I use an off-white or light beige colour for piecing quilts together. 


You will definatlely need one of these- go for the longer Ruler. It allows you to cut the full width of fabric easily.

Where to get these things?

At the larger stores like Spotlight, you can buy- a Ruler, Cutting Mat & Rotary Cutter in a pack altogether at a reasonable price. Try Hobby Sew and the Craft Depot if you live in Sydney. Your local Quilt Shop will also have these things. If all else fails 'Google it!' to find your nearest Sewing Store. 


A Sewing Machine

For the beginner Sewer, can I suggest you 'don't' go out and buy a "fancy pants Machine that sews and cleans your house!" Try before you buy. Borrow a friends or your mum's Sewing Machine and 'play' with that first. All you really need in terms of a Sewing Machine is something that is going to sew  a 'straight line'.


My Sewing Machine is 16 years old! It was my first machine and I LOVE it to bits! It is an old friend. We spend every minute of the day together-quite literally. If you look after your Sewing Machine put it in for frequent servicing, your friend will stay with you forever.



Iron & Ironing Board

Everyone has these...don't they?

Batting- The Stuff that goes inside the Quilt.


There are numerous varieties of Batting (or Wadding). Some are thick, some are thin. The Fiber (what they are made of) is just as big in terms of variety. You can have Polyester, 100% Cotton, Cotton/Polyester Blends, Pure Wool and Woolen Blends.  


Simply a Quilt is a blanket with a beautiful top, 'fluffy on the inside' and a backing fabric. The layer in-between this sandwich is the 'Batting'. It is ALL held together by stitching through all three layers.


For the Beginner Quilted I suggest you use 'Hobbs Poly-Down' It is a Polyester Blend, I chose this as it is easily accessible. Personally it is not my favorite Batting. It comes pre-rolled, wrapped up in a bag. When it comes out it is quite squashed and doesn't lay flat that well because of the way it comes packaged. Before you use it take it out of the packaging and flatten it out on a table so it can settle before it goes in your Quilt.

Alternately go and buy your Batting from a roll at your local Quilt Store. 


For my business Giggle Spot Designs I only use a Pure Woolen Blend of Batting in my Quilts. It is beautiful to work with, warm and Quilts nicely. I suggest you try out different blends of Batting to find out  what works best for you in all the amazing Quilts your going to make in the future.

Sew Handmade

for the love of handmade