Quilts- Colour My World

Colour....is probably the first thing that draws you

in when you look at a Quilt. It is a very personal thing, simply you either like it or you don't! The particular colours used, and the placement of the colours beside each other influence our reaction to the Quilt.


Many people dive into Quilting learn the skills involved, refine their Quilting Skills and produce amazing Quilts, but sadly the use of colour in their Quilts can only be described as 'horrific' in the end. I know that souunds harsh. So to stop YOU from falling in the same trap, I've decided to give you a few basic tips on Colour.


Where do I put my Squares? Am I doing this right?


When you want to make a Quilt struggling with Colour choice is common. There is such a wonderful variety of colours and designs out there which make it confusing when it comes to deciding where your squares should be placed, when you begin putting a Quilt together.


My first tip is 'Enjoy It!' This is the fun part. You get to go through your Fabrics or Pre-Cut Squares and 'play' with the colours and designs, and make different arrangements. If you take it too seriously you will over-think placement and it will quickly become a stumbling block to your 'creative chi'. Take your time arrange your Squares, walk away from them and go back and look at the some time later. If a Square or particular group of Squares 'jump out at you' are screaming 'don't put me here' re-arrange them, take them out add new colours and see it it works better.  


Using a Colour Wheel


A Colour Wheel can be used as a reference tool, as it can show you how colours work together. I will let you 'Google' the science of using them when making decisions about colours for your Quilts. I have 'never' used one.


Now your thinking "sure your blessed with natural artistic talent"! Well know this, much of what I have learn't about Colour in Quilts has been learn by 'trail and error'. You will soon learn in the world of Quilting that you need to have a go! You will make mistake, how do you think I got where I am today. The more you 'see' colour the more you 'play' with colour you will naturally develop a sense of what looks right and what looks wrong.


If you intend to use a Colour Wheel and follow its Principles be careful, don't fall into the trap of allowing the wheel to make your colour placement choices for you in your Quilts.

Colour Value - Why is it important in Quilting?


Colour Value refers to how light and dark a colour is when it is placed next to another colour. It is the thing that helps quilters decide how to arrange patches (squares) of fabric to make them blend or contrast with each other. The way we arrange our fabric squares- creates the 'design'. Still with me? Now lets put Colour Value into your Quilt. 

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