Once you have 'pieced' the Quilt together it is up to you to decide if  you want to add a border or not.  A 'border' is made up of strips of fabric, and it can help 'frame' the Quilt.


The Quilt border on the 'Sew Simple... it's just Squares' Cot Quilt  is very simple and is made from simple lengths of fabric. It is a narrow boarder cut 3 inches, but when it is sewn the finished border will be 2 and a half inches wide. (Given that you loose 1/4 inch of the fabric either side of the 3 inch strip when it is sewn.)


The size of the border you choose for your Quilt is really up to you, just remember to adjust your fabric requirement for the backing fabric, batting and binding accordingly.




Putting A Border On A Quilt

For the purposes of this Tutorial  'Putting On A Border', we will stick with the fabric requirements for the  'Sew Simple... it's just Squares ' Cot Quilt Border.

When you consider adding a border to a Quilt you want it to compliment what is in the middle of the Quilt. If you have a complex variety of blocks in the middle, the fabric for the border should not be too busy and distract from what is happening in the centre. Keep in mind that the colours and pattern you choose for your border fabric can change the entire feel of your Quilt.


I have chosen to use a simple 'pale pink fabric with a cream dot' to go with the pinks in the centre of my Quilt. Now let's begin, for the 'Sew Simple... it's just Squares' Cot Quilt- 


1. Cut four, 3 inch strips of fabric, cut the width of your quilting fabric (which is 42 inches wide).


2. Trim off the selvege edges.


3. We will begin by sewing one of the cut fabric strips onto the top of your Quilt. Place the Quilt on top of the ironing board with the Quilt facing up. 


4. Starting at the right-hand side of the Quilt pin the fabric strip to the raw edge of the Quilt. Leave a small amount of fabric hang over the edge. As can be seen in image 4.







5. Pin all the way along the length of the Quilt top.


6. Cut off excess fabric, a little way pass the edge of the Quilt.


7. & 8. Your first border is pinned and ready to be sewn on the sewing machine, using a 1/4 inch seam allowance. 




9. & 10. Trim off excess fabric either side of the Quilt using your Rotary Cutter and Ruler. Cut directly in line with the Quilt Top. Be very careful not to cut any of your Quilt.



11. Place the Top of your Quilt face down on the ironing board with the seam just sewn facing upwards.

12. Press the seam towards the centre of the Quilt. Remember, all the seams on all the borders will be pressed toward the centre of the Quilt.



13. Congratulations, you have just done your first border. Now, repeat the steps in exactly the same manner and add a border to the bottom of the Quilt.



14. Now it is time to add the borders to the two sides of the Quilt. Place the Quilt facing up on the ironing board. Take a strip of fabric and repeat steps 4 to 6.

15. Shows one of the side strips pinned and ready to be sewn on the sewing machine.

16. Once you have sewn the strip onto the Quilt cut off the excess fabric either side of the Quilt, just  as you did in Steps 9 & 10.





17. Place the Quilt face down on the ironing board and press the seam towards the middle of the Quilt.


18. Press the Quilt Top, this image show where the corner of  two borders meet.

Attach and sew on your final border and you are done!

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