Sponsor a Sewing Angel to make a Patchwork Quilt a

Sponsor a Sewing Angel to make a Patchwork Quilt a

Support 'The Handmade with Love Project' and Sponsor an Sewing Angel to make a beautiful Patchwork Quilt for you to donate to a sick child at The Children's Hospital.
Price includes postage in Australia.
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    Simply purchase a Kit and it will be sent to a registered Sewing Angel. They will make up the Quilt for you and send it back to the Project, so that it can be given to a sick child at the Children's Hospital.

    You will receive an image of the finished Patchwork Quilt and together you get to change the life of a sick child.

    Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for your Quilt to be made for you by the Sewing Angel. Through purchasing this Kit you are helping an individual who has the sewing skills to help the Project but may not be in a financial position to afford the materials. 100% of the sale goes back into the Project to fund materials for more Kits.
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