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Sew Handmade is proud to offer you free Patterns in Soft Toy Making and Quilt Making which are available for you to enjoy on the Website. If you are interested in creating more of my designs they can be purchase through the link provided on this page, which take you to my Sew Handmade Store.


In my Sew Handmade Store you will find Soft Toy Patterns and Quilt Patterns for sale which can only be accessed  two ways. You can pay for the Pattern and access the Pattern here on this Website using a code word which is emailed to you after purchase OR purchased the Pattern and have a copy emailed to you directly.


Within 1-6 hours of your purchase you will be emailed a code word which you enter on the approptiate Pattern Page to access the Pattern here on this Website. Once you have access to the Pattern you can download the Pattern, print it off  in your home and start creating.


Note: The code words will change frequently so you will need to print off your Pattern within 48hours. If you fail to do so, you will need to contact me via email so I can check proof of purchase to issue you with a new code word.

Sharing your code word with people who have not purchased the Pattern directly from me is a breech of copywright.


If you prefer to have a 'hard copy' of a Pattern as an alternative to accessing it here on the Sew Handmade Website, that option is available to you too in the Sew Handmade Store.


Please note, my Patterns are quite comprehensive with lots of instructions and quality images for you to follow. The cost of printing each Pattern is quite costly. So the price for a 'hard copy' Pattern plus Postage is quite different, compared to he cost quoted for a Downlaodable Pattern or Pattern which is emailed to you which you can print off yourself.  


If you have any questions about how this all works before you make your Pattern Purchase, feel free to email Julianne at

Finished Size of each Soft Toy- 27cm high X 25cm 

The Giraffe-a-sarus Pattern (Giraffe & Dinosaur Pattern in one)


Meet Diesel the Dinosaur, Checkers the Giraffe, Jaffa the Giraffe and Bones the Dinosaur. Together they are a cuddlie gang ready to be created and loved by you.


From this one Pattern you are given instructions which show you how to make the Giraffe two ways, with a Ribbon Mane or Ric-Rac Mane. You will also be able to make the Dinosaur two ways too, with Ric-Rac Spikes or Fabric Spikes and give him Ric-Rac for Claws.


Whichever design you choose to make one thing is for sure, your creation is going to be cherished and snuggled with love forever.


Pattern Level:


This Pattern is perfect for the beginner to advanced sewers. It involves basic machine sewing to construct the Body with some hand-sewing which involves Blanket Stitching, Slip Stitching and Ladder Stitching. Details on how to do these stitches is provided in the Pattern.


The Pattern comes with step-by-step detailed instructions, with photos to guide you through each step and Pattern Sheets for the Body of the Soft Toy and Applique Features. The Pattern is available to purchase as a Hard Copy which is posted to you, or you can purchase and Download the Pattern, once you a code word on this Website.


Copyright 2015-The Giraffe and Dinosaur Soft Toys made from this Pattern are to be used for a personal nature only. Permission is not given for them to be mass produced and sold for personal gain in any way. Permission is however given for Giraffes and Dinosaurs to be mass produced and donated to The Handmade with Love Project only. More information about this Project can be found on this Website.

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