Large Throw Rainbow Quilt Pattern

On this website is a tutorial for a smaller 'I believe in Rainbows. make a wish! Bassinet Quilt. The larger Quilt is made in exactly the same manner as the smaller Quilt. The obvious difference between the two it the material requirements, size of the strips and bunting flags in the Quilt, and the larger Quilt has three appliqued clouds on it with hand- quilted rain drops coming out of them. 


In your Kit you will find ( and to make this Quilt you will need):


*100% Cotton Quilting Fabric. Quilt fabric on the bolt is generally 144cm wide, however with different brands they can vary slightly but only by a few cms. Please do not worry if the width of your fabric strips vary in length for this project.


You will need 17 coloured strips of fabric cut the width of the quilting fabric (selvege to selvege), 3 1/2 inches wide.


The colours in the Quilt should vary from the darker blues to lighter blues, darker greens to lighter greens, purples to pinks, red, oranges and yellow. Use the photograph of the finished Quilt pictured above as a guide when you are choosing your colours and when deciding on the coloured strips placement in the Quilt. 


* The Bunting  Flags for the Quilt. If you are using one of my Kits, the Flags come precut. If you are using your own fabrics you will need 11 different pieces of fabric, four and 3/4inches X 6 1/2 inches and you will use the template provided to cut your bunting flags which is provided below.


Backing Fabric: 114cm X 146cm  Binding: Five, 3 inch wide strips of fabric. Wadding: 128cm X 158cm,

The Wadding is not supplied in the Kits.


* White DMC Thread to use for the applique and hand quilting.

* An embroidery needle.

* Fusible Webbing to use to make your three applique clouds. On the Pattern Sheet provided below the three clouds are to scale. Use the size of each cloud as a guide to determine the amount of Fusible Webbing required. All Kits come with enough to make all the clouds.


You will need to supply:

* A sewing machine and cotton thread for your machine.

* General sewing supplies, scissors, pins...etc.

* An iron and ironing board

Wadding: 128cm X 158cm, Wadding is not supplied in the Kit.



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Thank You for purchasing a 

'I believe in Rainbows. Make a wish! 'Large Throw Quilt Kit.

To make this Quilt you will use tutorials provided on the Sew Handmade Website.


The tutorials will show you how to

* make the bunting flags for the Quilt.


* how to piece the Quilt together.


* how to make the applique cloud shapes and sew them onto the Quit Top.


* how to quilt the Quilt on the sewing machine and how to do hand quilt.


* Lastly you will be shown how to piece and sew the Binding onto the Quilt.



If you would like to purchase a

Large Throw 'I believe in Rainbows. Make a wish! Kit

click on the image below,

Before you begin making your beautiful Rainbow Quilt download and print off the following Pattern Sheets below.



Finished Size: 105cm X 138cm 

Step One : Piecing the Quilt Top Together

To make your Quilt your are going to use a Tutorial on this Website. The 'I believe in Rainbows. Make a wish! Bassinet Quilt is sewn together in exactly the same manner as this larger version of the Quilt. The difference between the two Quilts being that the larger Quilt has different measurements and the quantity of fabric used is greater. There are more coloured fabric strips to be sew together, larger Bunting Flags and more of them to sew into the Quilt Top.


Click on the link below and it will take you to the tutorial to get you started. If you have a Kit you will start at, Sewing the Bunting Together.

Sew your Quilt Top together and trim the sides of the Quilt so that it is straight, then come back to this Pattern Page to find out what to do next.


Step Two: Making The applique Clouds and pressing them onto your Quilt Top.

With the Quilt Top finished you are now ready to make the three applique Clouds for the Quilt Top. The following link will show you how to make an applique shape using Fusible Webbing.



Step Three: Blanket Stitching around your Applique Clouds


To ensure that your applique Clouds stay in position over time each Cloud will need to be Blanket Stitched to the fabric.


The following link will take you to a slide show tutorial which will show you how to Blanket Stitch your Clouds.

Step Four: Basting your Quilt


The Quilt will be basted togther using the backing fabric, wadding and the Quilt Top. The following link will provide you with detailed information about how to Baste your quilt together. It is an important step as you need to secure all the three layers of your Quilt together before it can be quilted.







Step Five: Machine Quilting your Quilt

Once you have basted the Quilt you are ready to machine quilt and hand quilt the Quilt. The first type of quilting you will do on the Rainbow Quilt is called 'Ditch Quilting'. You will use your sewing machine to quilt along each of the horizonal lines on the Quilt. Remember not to machine quilt over the top of your clouds.


The following Ditch Quilting Tutorial on this Website which will show you step by step how to machine quilt your Quilt in the 'Ditch'.

Step Six: Hand-quilting around the Clouds.

Once you have finished your machine quilting you are ready to hand-quilt around each of the Clouds on the Quilt. The following link will take you to a tutorial which will show you how to quilt around an applique shape on a Quilt.




Once you have hand-quilted around each cloud you may want to quilt 'raindrops' coming from the Clouds.

To do this simply use a ruler and a water soulable pen to draw a series of lines coming from each cloud. Once you are drawn the raindrops they will need to be hand-quilted.

Step 7: Making and sewing on the Binding on your Quilt.

The Binding is the fabric which is used to cover and hold the raw edges of your Quilt together- the top, batting and backing- after the Quilt is quilted. Making the binding and sewing it onto the Quilt is the last step to finishing your Quilt. The following link will take you to a tutorial whcih will show you how to make the Binding using your Binding fabric strips.

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