Chilly the Christmas Bauble Soft Toy



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For the Body of the Soft Toy

Use Acrylic Felt, a mix of Acrylic and Woolen Felt or Pure Woolen Felt for the front of the Soft Toy.

White or Off-White Felt- 10 inch square.

Blue Felt- 10 inch square.


Backing Fabric- 10 inch square.

I chose to use flannel fabric with a Christmas design on it.

For the Arms- Two, 6 1/2 inch X 5 1/2 inch pieces of fabric.


For the  Features

Fabric for the Pupil in the centre of each Eye.

A white fabric with a black dot works well.


Pieces of Woolen-felt. Use the Pattern Sheets as a guide to determine the amount required. The features on the Pattern Sheets are the actual size they will be on your Soft Toy.


Colours- One colour, for the outer area on the eye and a cream or white colour for the backing of Pupil on the Eye. Blue for the Water Droplet on the back of the Soft Toy.


DMC Embroidery Thread to match the colours of the felt e.g the outer eye, the Water Droplet and white for the Pupil of the eye. This will be used to Blanket-Stitch around each feature pieces  and to sew the features into position on the Soft Toy.

Download and print off the Pattern Sheets below;

Fusable Webbing: Enough to make the  Snowflake and the features e.g. the outer Eye, the Pupil and the Water Droplet. Please refer to Pattern Sheet to work out the exact amount required. The circles for the Snowflake, Body and features on the Pattern Sheet are to scale.


Additional Supplies

Lead Pencil, Water Soluable Pen, Tracing Paper or Baking Paper, Sewing Machine, Cotton, white or off white and a colour to match the colour of the fabric on the  Body and Arms, Dress Making Scissors, Embroidery Needle and a Wooden Paint Brush for turning & stuffing.


Polyester Fill for stuffing the Soft Toy.


For information on what stuffing to use, please read this link The 'Stuff' that Toys are made of!


Woven Ribbon 6 1/2 inches long and Ribbon to tie a Bow on the top of the Soft Toy. Optional- Bell (Please note, if this Soft Toy is intended for a young child do not use a Bell as it could become a choking hazard.)

Fun Facts about Christmas Decorations

A Bauble is a spherical decoration commonly used to adorn Christmas Trees. The first decorated trees were adorned with apples, white candy canes, hearts and flowers. Glass Baubles were first made in Germany. Garlands of glass beads and tin figures would be hung on trees.

Chilly the Soft Toy Bauble will be the perfect decoration to adorn your Christmas Tree this year. Being super soft and cuddlie, I am sure he will spend less time making your Tree beautiful and more time making little people happy.


Have lots of fun making Chilly the Snowflake!

Making the Body of the Snowflake.

1. Download, print-off, trace the Circle Templates and Arm Pattern onto tracing paper. You will begin with the smaller Circle Template to make the Snowflake. (Pictured here is my Plastic Circle Template) Place your Paper Circle Pattern on top of the piece of White Felt (10 inch square).


2. Using a Water Soluable Pen transfer the circular pattern onto the felt by tracing around the outside of the Paper Circle Pattern.


3. Cut out your felt circle.




4a &4b. Fold the felt circle in half, fold into quarters and fold again.


5. Take your scissors and begin snipping sections away from the folded felt circle.




6a & 6b. Continue cuting into the felt circle.


7. Open out the felt circle and you have a beautiful snowflake.




8. If you wish to trim the Snowflake shape further you can use a water soluable felt tip pen to draw points on the the shape and cut more away.


9. I also chose to cut out more of the centre of the design to make it look more even.


10. Pin the Snowflake to your felt backing fabric (10 inch square) and secure it well.




11a & 11b. Using a cotton thread (white) which matches the colour of your Snowflake and a small stitch on your sewing machine, sew around the outside of the shape and the inside of all the cut out shapes to secure it to the felt fabric underneath.



12a & 12b. Take the larger Circular Template (my Plastic Circle Templete is pictured here), centre it over the top of the Snowflake and trace around the circular shape, around the outside of the Snowflake using a water soulable pen.


13. Cut out the backing circle, cutting along the line just drawn.




14. Place the sewn felt circle face down on top of  the backing fabric with right-sides together. Pin the circle to the fabric below and set aside while you make the arms.




15. Take one of  the 6 1/2 inch X 5 1/2 inch pieces of fabric for the arm and the Arm Paper Pattern. Fold the fabric with right-sides together and pin the Arm Pattern to the fabric.


16. Using a coloured thread which matches the colour of the fabric being sewn, sew around the outside of the Arm Paper Pattern using a small stitch on the sewing machine and sew twice. Remember not to sew over the open-seam on the arm.


17. Cut around the outside of the arm 1/4 inch out from the sewn seam. Make small snips 1/4 inch apart around the outside of the seam.


18. Turn the arm to its rignt side and make the other arm in exactly the same manner.


19. This image show where the two arms will sit when they are tucked inside the body of the Snowflake.

Take the 6 1/2 inch length of ribbon, fold and pin at the top.




20. Pin the two arms and folded ribbon inside the body. Pin around the outside of the circle.


21. Using a colour thread on your sewing machine which will match the colours of the body fabric, sew around the felt circle 1/4 inch in from the outside edge of the circle using a small stitch on the sewing machine.


22. Cut around the outside of the circle 1/4 inch out from your sewn seam. Cut 1/4 inch snips around the outside of the circle.





23. Turn the Snowflake to its right side through the open-seam on the body.


24a & 24b. Stuff the body of the Snowflake and sew the open-seam closed.


I like to use two strands of DMC Cotton. Take your needle through the inside of the body to the outside edge of the open-seam, and continue threading the needle up and over the two sides of the open-seam, pulling them together as you sew the seam closed.

25. Stuff the hands of the Snowflake quite firmly and sew the open-seams on the arms closed in the same way that you did the body. Use a colour thread which matches the colour of the fabric on the arms.





26. The Snowfalke Soft Toy Body is complete.

Detail of the Body of the Snowflake stuffed.

Making and Sewing on the Features for the Snowflake.

If you are new to my Soft Toy Tutorials please read the information on the page Using Fusibale Webbing & Woolen-Felt, as it will show you how make the features for your Snowflake. Specifically read and follow the instructions in paragraphs 3a, 3b & 3c to make the Pupils for the Eyes on your Snowflake.

Detail of making the Pupils for the Eyes using white fabric with a black dot.

Features prepared for the Snowflake.

Detail of sewing the eyes onto the Snowflake.

With your woolen-felt features prepared you will need to blanket-stitching around teach of the woolen-felt shapes. Below are a series of tutorials which will show you how to layer and sew your woolen shapes, blanket-stitch around them and sew them onto the body of the Snowflake. Work through the information and instructions in the tutorials to help you sew on the features and finish off your Snowflake.

Add the finishing touches to your Soft Toy with a ribbon tied in a bow and a bell on top. If your Soft Toy is intended for a young child please do not attach a bell as it could become a choking hazard.

Add a little stuffing under each eye to make them lift off the body of Snowflake.

Detail of sewing the water droplet onto the Snowflake.

With your Snowflake Soft Toy finished, use him to decorate your home this Christmas.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for your amazing support for Sew Handmade and The Handmade with Love Project this year. I look forward to creating you more beautiful Soft Toys &  Patchwork Quilts in 2015.

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