Blanket Stitching around a Shape on Fabric

The Beginning...

The Beginning...

You will need your applique shape, an embroidery needle and 2 strands of DMC Cotton Thread.

Take the needle up underneath the fabric and pull it through.

Put the needle into the fabric shape just opposite from where you came up.

Pull the needle through to the other side.

Bring the needle up underneath right along side the outside edge, next to the first stitch.

Pull the needle through and put it straight back down into the shape a little distance away from your last stitch.

See the loop you are making as you pull the needle through. Bring the needle up through the fabric underneath to go through the loop.

Pull the needle and thread through. You just did your first Blanket-Stitch well done.

Now do another stitch in exactly the same way as you did before.

Take the needle down and up through the loop you make like you did before.

Now do some more stitches in exactly the same way.

Keep blanket stitching.

Make your stitches evenly spaced around the outside of the shape.

When you get to the end of your thread, take the needle and thread to the back of the fabric square to tie a knot.

Thread the needle under one of the stitches on the back and pull the thread through.

Go behind the same stitch again.

Take the needle through the loop you make. You are going to make a knot.

Once you have made your knot thread the needle under some of the stitches on the back next to the knot.

Cut off the thread.

Thread your needle and start blanket stitching again. When you get to 'pointy bits' on a shape you will need to take your needle down into the shape...

...and up through the the fabric through the loop.

Take the needle down through this point in the image above on the last stitch.

Bring the needle up through the back of the fabric at the point on the shape. See the loop. Go through the loop.

Pull the needle and thread through. Now you are going to 'anchor' the stitch at the point. To do this take the needle and put it in the fabric on the left side of where the stitch came out. Pull the needle all the way through.

Now take the point of the needle and bring it up through the back so that it comes out on the right side of the stitch.

Continue blanket stitching taking the needle down through the top of the last stitch.

Keep blanket stitching.

Continue stitching around the remainder of the shape.

To finish off the last stitch take the needle down through the left side of the first stitch you made. Tie it off on the back.

This image shows the back of the finished blanket stitched shape.

A beautiful heart finished!

A beautiful heart finished!

If you want to learn how to Blanket-Stitch around a fabric shape fused to fabric with fusible webbing, the tutorial above details how to do this.


I like to to use 2 stands of DMC Embroidery Cotton in a matching or contrasting colour to the fabric being sewn. When you Blanket-Stitch you sew left to right, along the edge of the fabric and you need to make a regular stitches of the same length, which are evenly spaced.

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