The Brave Heart Challenge

The Brave Heart Challenge is a Project that operates all year round .

Proudly supporting the sick children at the Children's Hospital.

Children face intimidating situations all the time, and learning about ‘courage’ and to be ‘brave’ can help give them strength to face a challenge and frightening situation. Many children present to the Emergency Department at the Children’s Hospital and need lots of positive encouragement and reassurance that everything is going to be ok when they are faced with illness and treatment at the hospital. To help the children with the concept of courage and being brave whilst at hospital, The Brave Heart Challenge has been developed.





The Handmade with Love Project invites sewers from all over Australia to ‘make and donate’ Soft Toys and Snuggle and Care Quilts to the Children’s Hospital. In order to provide something special to a greater number of children I am asking people to ‘make and donate’ little Brave Heart Soft Toys to the Project.


I am challenging each person to ‘make & donate’ 10 Brave Hearts which will go to 10 brave children at the Hospital so they know that their courage has been recoginsed and that they have a ‘brave heart’. The children will be able to hang their Brave Heart in their bedroom at home, to remind them in a positive light of their bravery in hospital.


Download your

Brave Heart Pattern here


Together we can change to lives of sick children one stitch at a time.

Please send your ten Brave Hearts to:


Julianne Ehlert-Connor

PO Box 2132

Boronia Park NSW 2111

Thank You for all your support .

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