Piecing Your Quilt Together


Once you are happy with the arrangement of the squares for your Quilt you are ready to piece the Quilt together.  Number the rows in your Quilt e.g. 1 to .... . I find that Sticky Notes pinned to the first square in each row works well. With the first square of each row numbered pick up the squares in each row, gathering the squares moving left to right.




1. To begin you will sew the first row of the Quilt together.

2. Take the 1st square from your 1st row and lay it face up and take the 2nd sqaure from that row.

3. Place the squares right sides together. 




4. Pin the squares together down the right side. This is the side we are going to sew on the machine.

5. Machine sew the two squares together removing the pins as you sew. Sew down the right side of the squares, using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

6. Open out the two squares you have just sewn together.


7. Place your next square, square 3 face down on top of square 2. Pin and sew the squares together exactly like you did before. 


8. Continue sewing all squares in that row together.

9. Take the first row that has been sewn together to the ironing board and lay it face down. See the sewn seams sticking up in the image above. 

10. It is important to press all the seams in this row in the same direction. In the image above my seams are pressed to the left side.

11. The first row of your Quilt is now sewn together. 








12. Now sew your second row togther in exactly the same way as you did the first row. When you have finished sewing you will need to press the seams in the row.


Remember on the first row we pressed the seams towards the left. Now on the second row you need to press the seams in the opposite direction to the row before. So press the second rows seams towards the right.


From now on each row's seams will be pressed in alternating directions (left, right, left, right and so on).

13. Images a. & b. show why you need to press the seams on each row in alternate directions throughout the Quilt.


Place row one and row two together match up the seams as seen in image a. See how the sewn seams meet with the seam allowance in alternate directions.


Push the seams together feeling with your fingers until they sit neatly together.

We call this 'butting' the seams together. Once in position secure with a pin as seen in image b. 


Image c. shows how the seams all meet up neatly on the correct side of the Quilt, once they have been sewn. The sewn seam lines should run beautifully into each other. 


14. Butt each seam along the lengh of the row together and pin securely in place. Sew the rows together.




15d. Open out the rows just sewn and lay them face down on the ironing board. Press the entire seam sewn in the same direction.


15e. The seam is pressed with the iron towards the top of the Quilt.


15f. This is how the seam looks on the right side of the Quilt Top.



16a & 16b. Continue sewing all your squares for each row together. Sew all the rows of the Quilt together with all the seams for each row pressed in the same direction.






Sew Simple...it's just Squares!

Large Throw Quilt, Quilt Top

Congratulations, you have finished your Quilt Top

If you are making Quilts following the Sew Simple...it's just Squares Patterns on this Website, for the Baby Play Quilt and Large Throw Quilt you have now finished your Quilt Top. You are ready to get the backing fabric ready for the next step Basting the Quilt.


Click on the button below to find information about Backing Fabric for your Quilt.

If you are making the Cot Quilt according to the Sew Simple...it's just Squares Pattern, you now need to sew on a border around  the centre of your Quilt Top.


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