Baby Play Quilt Pattern

Sew's just Squares!

Finished Size: 67 cm X 79 cm

Note: This is an image of the Quilt Top only.



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For the 'Baby Play Quilt' you are going to need a total of 42 squares. Each square is a 5 inch square in size.


You will also need:


Backing Fabric: 80 cm

Batting: Hobbs Polydown- Crib-Size  (45 X 60 inches) Will do and we will cut it to the size required. If you buy Batting on a roll, it will need to be enough to cut down roughly to 83 cm X 94 cm.


To make this sweet Baby Quilt you will need to work through a series of tutorials with step by step instructions and pictures to follow to create this Quilt.


Below are some buttons with links to each tutorial. Work through each tutorial one at a time. When you have finished a tutorial refer back to this Pattern page to move onto the next tutorial in the pattern.

To make the Baby Play Quilt you will need to read and complete the following tutorials on this website.

Please read the general quilting information at the top of thes 'Quilting Your Quilt' Page. You can select one of three types of quilting for this Quilt. Quilting on a straight line, quilting in the Ditch or Cross-Hatch quilting. Look at the tutorials on each and decide which one works best for you given your sewing ability.


Binding Your Quilt

Sew Handmade

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